TouchPoint*Pulse Lite™

Quick Ad Copy Testing with just the Essential Decision Criteria Metrics*; includes specific versions designed for Video, Print and Static Digital

* CCPersuasion, Break Through, Main Idea

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TouchPoint*Pulse Lite™ provides essential feedback to assess strength of rough or finished advertising.

Product support image.Insight Rabbit brings you this quick version of MSW Research’s sales-validated TouchPoint advertising effectiveness testing product which includes just the essential decision criteria metrics*. With specific versions designed for Video, Print and Static Digital ad formats, TouchPoint*Pulse Lite provides the high quality research metrics which allow you to make media deployment decisions with confidence – at an affordable price that fits any budget.Product support image.* CCPersuasion, Breakthrough, Main Idea



Gives essential information for making development and airing decisions.
Based on the CCPersuasion measure which is validated “more than any other measure in the business” (per Quirk’s).
Test rough or finished ads in video, print or digital ad formats.