What is Insight Rabbit?

Insight Rabbit delivers best in class research methodologies in an easy to use, fast, affordable, fully automated DIY research platform. Users simply choose from a menu of research methodologies, use a step-by-step process to customize the design for their brand and category and go through a simple review and checkout process. The survey automatically goes live and the results, including insightful analytics based MSW Research’s 50+ years of experience, are quickly delivered via an online dashboard.

Currently the Insight Rabbit platform has products for testing the effectiveness of Video, Print and Digital advertising (i.e., copy-testing) as well as a concept screening tool for identifying the strongest from a group of static concepts or video adcepts. Coming soon to the Insight Rabbit platform are the Brand Strength Monitor, which provides a comprehensive view into a particular product or service category’s dynamics and can be deployed at a point in time, pre-post campaign exposure or as an ongoing tracker; and the Advertising Performance Monitor, which provides in-market brand lift measurement designed to indicate how much specific advertising creative drives ROI for specific marketing channels.

Survey Creation

How long does it take to set up a study?

Insight Rabbit features a super easy UI for survey set up. Program a survey in a few minutes… and if that’s not easy enough… we’ll do it for you – just call us.

We provide a framework of best in class methodologies which are largely standardized but customizable to your brand and category. You will also have the opportunity to add your own custom questions to ensure ALL your objectives are met. The survey creation process is “mouse driven” and shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

What types of stimulus and creative does Insight Rabbit manage?

Insight Rabbit generally uses mp4 format for video and jpg and png for static media. But we can also handle other types of stimulus files such as: aiff: ‘audio/aiff’; doc: ‘application/msword’; gif: ‘image/gif’; mp3: ‘audio/mpeg3’; rtf: ‘application/rtf’; txt: ‘text/plain’, wav: ‘audio/wav’. Please contact us at hello@insightrabbit.com for questions about any other formats not listed here.

What is the optimal size for stimulus files?

Insight Rabbit can handle any size file, although upload times will increase with files over 25MB. But most consumer studies should not include a file over 25MB as home/mobile bandwidths will affect viewing quality.

Is there anything unique to DIY research I should consider when creating my survey?

Insight Rabbit is just like any online research approach, but because results are auto-charted for you it is worth considering the number of characters in things like “ad name”, media/stimulus file naming, and even attribute/statement length as the naming conventions you choose will appear on the results slides just as you entered them. As a rule of thumb limit file and ad names to 15 characters or less and custom attributes and statements to about 30 characters.


Which countries can Insight Rabbit recruit from?

Insight Rabbit prides itself on being able to recruit anyone in any country.

Which target audiences does Insight Rabbit offer?

Insight Rabbit allows you to preselect from over 400 demographically, behaviorally and attitudinally defined target audiences OR you can tell us your custom target and we will find them for you.

Where does Insight Rabbit get the sample?

Insight Rabbit sources its sample from Tier 1/ESOMAR 24 compliment online panels, such as Critical Mix.

Can I trust Insight Rabbit’s sample?

Insight Rabbit is proud to be in partnership with True Sample to ensure that we deliver the highest level possible of independently verified data quality and fraud protection.

Which methodologies does Insight Rabbit use?

Insight Rabbit products are based on MSW Research copy testing and tracking methodologies, which are used by a roster of marquee clients representing virtually every product category, including: Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Technology, Automotive, and Pharmaceutical industries. These methodologies are the most trusted and validated methodologies available.

The MSW Preference measure – leveraged in Insight Rabbit copy testing and tracking solutions – is the ONLY validated measure of brand preference available that predicts sales results. Quirk’s said of the MSW Persuasion copy-testing measure… “This measure has been validated to actual business results more than any other measure in the business.” In fact, this metric has been PROVEN to be more accurate at predicting advertising driven sales change than any other commonly used copy testing metric. The Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB) said “The MSW copy-testing system…provides quantitative prediction of the likelihood and magnitude of ad impact on future sales volume and market share.”

How long are Insight Rabbit surveys?

Surveys vary in length based on the type and scope of custom questions and generally range from 10-15 minutes.

How long will my project take?

For all projects with less than 1,000 completes and 20%+ screening incidence Insight Rabbit guarantees a 24 hour turn around after you submit your survey. Within 24 hours your results will be posted in chart format on the site and available to export as a PowerPoint document. Larger or lower incidence sample timing is per project, but usually does not take longer than 48-72 hours.


How will I know when my project is completed?

You’ll receive an email notification as soon as your project completes.

Can I get the raw data from my research?

Yes! An aggregate CSV and full verbatim comments file are standard output, but we also provide respondent level data files if requested. Get in touch, at hello@insightrabbit.com, we're here to help.

Can I download my results into PowerPoint?

Yes, Insight Rabbit was designed so that with a single click of your mouse you can export your entire set of charts into a single PowerPoint document. The PowerPoint document will capture all the “current” settings you have made to your charts within your results dashboard, and from there you can edit your slides or reorganize them, write your analysis, and save to other formats (e.g. pdf, Keynote, etc.).

Can I request different cuts of the data?

Yes! Get in touch athello@insightrabbit.com, we’re here to help. A typical banner of sub-groups costs $1,000. You can only cut the data by sub-groups identified in your survey, so make sure to include any custom questions needed to identify desired sub-groups (all Insight Rabbit surveys include an extensive battery of demographic questions).

What are Insight Rabbit's norms?

Insight Rabbit follows MSW Research’s philosophy of “surpassing the norm” which means we take approaches to contextualizing data that are superior to traditional database norms, which suffer from issues such as availability, consistency, representation and differences in brand development. One example of our approach is MSW’s Fair Share™ norm which is a modeled norm for the key CCPersuasion copy testing metric and which utilizes brand and category market structure factors. This norm has been demonstrated to be superior to standard normative approaches. Another example is our derived importance approach which is used for generating insight into what is driving an ad’s performance. In instances when normative data is provided, it is drawn from the MSW Research normative database which includes over 150,000 advertising copy tests.

What does Insight Rabbit cost?

Insight Rabbit offers very competitive, standard pricing that is generated through our survey build tool. In addition, we offer deep discounts for Pro-Users who have heavy research volume by contacting hello@insightrabbit.com.

What do I do if I have a question about my results?

Contact us at hello@insightrabbit.com and we’re happy to help.

Can anyone else see my data or results?

No! Your results, data and information are strictly private. Please refer to our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service for more information.